AlphaFold 3 Analysis Tool (BETA)

This tool analyzes structures predicted by the AlphaFold 3 model running on the DeepMind prediction server. It uses confidence metrics such as as the pLDDT and PAE scores to determine which atom/residue pairs are predicted to engage in higher or lower confidence interactions. It outputs two spreadsheets with interaction data across all structures. Results are confidential and not stored on this server after analysis. Please read all AlphaFold 3 output usage terms as described here before using this tool.

This tool is a beta release and undergoing active refinement and development. Outputs may change in the future. Use with caution!

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By submitting this job you acknowledge that this platform is only for research purposes and that any reported scores and analysis should be interpeted carefully. AlphaFold 3 outputs are governed by use as defined by its creators Google DeepMind and Isomorphic labs.